How to Choose a Videographer for Your Wedding?

How to Choose a Videographer for Your Wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the most cherished moments in your life. It is normal that you want to celebrate and keep it in your heart in each possible way. A wedding videographer plays an important role for your wedding as he/she will be responsible for you’re the end video result. There are videographers with different styles and methods of working. Keep in mind that you are hiring someone that makes your wedding last forever, so choose that person wisely and the rest will fall into place.

The Videographer’s Style

The world of cinematic experience is very broad. You have many options for the style of your wedding video. You can do it as a documentary, a music video, something more artsy or incorporate a specific theme in it (maybe the same as the theme of your wedding). You can even make it a musical or pay homage to a certain film that you and your partner prefer (maybe the film from your first date). All videographers have different styles and you should choose the one that suits you best.

Do not take experience in wedding videography too seriously when it comes to choosing. Give attention to his/hers previous experience in overall video making. For example, if you want your wedding video to look like a martial arts movie, maybe you should think about hiring someone who has made a kung fu movie. Ask for the portfolio and you will easily see the specifics of the videographers’ craft and find your soul mate videographer.

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 The Videographer’s Equipment

Ask for the type of equipment he/her will be using for the filming. Do not settle for less quality and get your money’s worth. Ask if the video will be shot in HD and if it records low light atmosphere. If you want wedding speeches or guests talking included in your video then ask for the type of sound equipment. Will additional bugs and microphones be used or will the sound be recorded strictly by the camera.

If you don’t know much about those subjects do not be afraid to look silly. He/Her will understand your concerns and try the best to explain. You can also do some research on the web for types of camera and sound equipment to avoid being fooled around. Try to find budget-friendly equipment solutions together with the videographer. If he/her is willing to cooperate and brainstorm with you; then you should stick to that person. That proves professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity.

The Videographer’s Cost

Wedding video packages are from $1K to more than $15K. Usually it is prices by the time spent in shooting and editing or sometimes it is priced by the number of guests and venue size. Some videographers offer packages which include an extra shooter or a same-day edit. Popular wedding packages are: FULL (filmed from wedding preparation to end. Everything is filmed and is usually HD, comes in Blue Ray copies and hard disk), RECEPTION ONLY, CEREMONY ONLY (these are less expensive), WEDDING ESSENTIAL (wedding highlights with background music).

You can always negotiate the price with a reasonable videographer; or hire a newbie with a good-looking portfolio. Videographers who are new at shooting weddings are more enthusiastic and will bring more soul to the project. There is also a popular option to shoot it yourself. Find that weird cousin or friend and put a camera in his hands. Then go to editing experts, they will do their magic on the material and you will have a budget friendly awesome wedding video.

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