How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

A lot of aspect of a wedding is optional. You can ditch the flowers or forgo the wedding cake, but you can’t skip a perfect wedding venue. Finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t easy. You have so many options to choose from such as a cozy restaurant, an elegant banquet hall, or a quiet stretch of beach. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is probably the most important decision you’ll make about your wedding.

Here’s how to choose the perfect wedding venue:

1. Talk to a wedding planner

You should talk to a wedding planner before you start looking at spaces. Wedding planners are familiar with the capabilities of a venue, layout, time, and items you’ll need to transform it for your wedding. Planners will find unique and creative ways to make your vision come to life.

2. Choose a wedding venue that aligns with your vision

It’s important to choose a wedding venue that aligns with your vision. For example, if you’re planning a modern wedding, you should look at well-designed restaurant spaces. Choosing a wedding venue that fits the aesthetic you have in mind will enable your wedding to feel more connected to the space.

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3. Know your guest list

Knowing your guest list before you look at wedding venues will help save you from stress and headaches. If you choose a venue that’s too small for your guest list, you’ll be put in a tough situation. Therefore, it’s important not to underestimate how many people you’re going to invite because it will also help you break down your budget.

4. Remember your budget

Remembering your budget is important because it’s more than just how much renting the space will cost. Venues with in-house catering will charge a price-per-plate and your decor and floral designs will also increase your costs.

5. Consider your guests’ experience

If you’re expect a lot of guests out of town, especially if you’re having a destination wedding, you should look for a wedding venue that’s near or connected to a hotel. You also need to consider how easy it is to get to your wedding venue, is there public transit nearby, and how much parking does the venue have.

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