How To Plan A Wedding Reception

How To Plan a Wedding Reception?

Making dreams come true isn’t such an easy task and everything needs to be organized. Some couples even organize their weddings on Excel Sheets or Project Management templates. Organizing a wedding is basically like running a business.

We are always here to help, so here are the basic 5 steps in planning a perfect wedding reception.

1. Set the Budget

Nobody wants to mention money when talking about a wedding but to be honest it is the key factor of organizing any type of event. When you have the budget set, lots of things get easier. Also think of hiring an event planner because they will certainly know how to maximize the gain out of your tight budget. With hiring a wedding planner, you hire a loyal consultant who will watch your back in any situation.

2. Choose The Date

After you set your budget, focus on choosing the perfect date. It is really important as it will become the date you’ll always remember. Some couples choose the date of an anniversary or some big event in the past. Others are more practical as they take in mind weather conditions and pricing. The best time of choosing a date is at least 6 months before the wedding.

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3. Find a Location

Yes, choosing the perfect banquet hall can be difficult. Availability, transportation, flexibility, number of guests, budget, amenities, sound equipment, catering services, insurance… all of those things are important for making this choice. To make things easier, you should make a list of your desires and preferences and afterwards go on a search for the perfect venue. Try to reserve the banquet hall or other location as soon as possible. Some of them are extremely busy and can be booked almost every day, especially in spring.

4. Personalize The Reception

Each couple is unique and has a kink for different things. A wedding should represent a couple’s soul and their desires. This is why the style of your wedding is equally important as the location and date. Whether you choose a photo booth, flying doves, karaoke, millions of roses, cosplay dressing or waterfall swimming is totally up to you two. Get creative and make your dreams come true, with everything neatly organized and within the budget of course.

5. Be Practical, Communicate!

Couples can get dreamy when picturing their wedding and frequently forget about important, practical details. Remember that a large number of people will participate in your wedding, including musicians, cooks, waiters, receptionists and videographers. This is why clearing things up with the staff early on is significantly important for avoiding any misdemeanors on the wedding day. Be open to their suggestions as having input from experts is always beneficial.

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