How do you Plan a Birthday Party on Budget?

Birthday parties are amazing! However, whether you are organizing your kid’s birthday or celebrating your own, organizing the spending can be quite difficult. Here are some tips on making a budget-friendly birthday party, without compromising fun and long-lasting memories.

Set a Budget & Stick to it

The first thing you need to do is set a budget. This should be done 4-5 months before the party. The best way to accomplish your goals is with slow, but efficient actions. If while searching for banquet halls and cakes, you find something that cannot be afforded, restrain yourself from purchasing it, even if you fall in love with it. Instead, look for more affordable options. A good thing to know is that out there, in the broad market, there is a cheaper version for each product. And your job is to find it!

The Right Location

Picking the right location is hard, even if you are not on a tight budget. There are tons of venues and banquet halls out there, each offering different services. To choose the right one, you have to compare prices and offerings. Make sure that the venue offers insurance and discounts. Also, check their flexibility on implementing your own decorations. The location of the venue is equally important since you want people to access it easily, cutting down your spending on transportation.

Make your own Invitations

Instead of purchasing fancy and pricy invitations, endure a creative adventure with going DIY. There are design apps online, where you can create your own invitations, such as canva for example. Then you can easily print them out at home or make a nice deal with a print shop. Some people decide to replace traditional cards with emails. And surely, an email invitation is the most budget-friendly option out there.

Besides making invites, try to go a step further and DIY everything you can think of. For example, clothing, disco-balls, decorated cups & plates, cakes, food, etc. Dig deep into the world of glass drawing, buy cheap wine glasses and start painting them over. Who knows? You might even make a business out of it!

Always ask for Discounts

You can make your party look like a celebrity’s anniversary and for a small price too. Wondering how? Well, with discounts of course. 3-4 months before your birthday, start following companies which offer decoration services, cakes, food, and venues. Make sure that they are newly established though. New firms always include discounts as a method for promotion. Use this for your advantage and contact them as soon as they post such offerings. Don’t be afraid to negotiate since the simple power of persuasion can significantly reduce your spending.

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